Iceland 2014 – It Begins

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Reykjavik, here I am! I spent the other day out exploring the area a bit, of course with my camera. We had a wonderful sunset and Mt. Esja and the clouds presented quite a show. This was also a great test run for the Canon 100D/SL1. You’re welcome to venture a guess which of the pictures are from the venerable 5D Mark II and which ones have been taken with the baby DLSR.


By the way, I arrived at Keflavik airport outside Reykjavik two days ago. My luggage arrived yesterday. Yes, I’m lucky like that. Which is why I went out to a tourist shop on a Sunday (Iceland shops are typically closed on Sundays) and bought an original Icelandic Sweater.


If you want to follow along with the pictures, head over to my Iceland 2014 Photo Tour album on flickr. I will also try to post a few updates here on the blog.





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Cleaning Shoes – Digitally

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Every now and then a photo session turns into such a spontaneous creative endeavour that you don’t want to interrupt it to do something mundane as cleaning something up.

While I was shooting the band, I realized that I would have to do some digital clean-up later, but the spirit of the moment was so strong that I bit the bullet and went with the flow. I’m glad I did. In this video you can watch over my shoulder as I use Lightroom and Photoshop to clone dirt and a logo out of a pair of red soles. A 30 minute session condensed into 3.5 minutes.

1 Hour 1000 Pics – Lightroom Pro Tip: Find Out Which Pictures Aren’t In A Collection Yet

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I’m really happy that so many people feel that what I address in 1 Hour 1000 Pics is as essential as I feel it is: learning to make confident and good decisions about the vast amount of pictures in your library.

If you want to bring your library of uncategorized images on board, this one is for you.

In Chapter 11 (Importing Pictures) I explain how you put photos of individual events into separate collections as a starting point for boiling them down. The one thing that would make that much much easier was if you had a way to identify the pictures that are not in a collection yet.

Unfortunately Lightroom doesn’t have an easy way to do that, but here is a workaround that works well:

1. Create a Smart Collection, I named mine “Not in a collection”
2. Set up the filter rule like this:

Not in a collection

Now whenever you open that collection, it will show you all the pictures that are not in a collection just yet, making it that much easier to know which files still need work and which ones don’t.

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It’s here! Discover Lightroom – Video Workshop with Chris

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It’s finally here! 6.5 hours (!) of DRM-free HD 720p video that works on almost any device and that covers almost everything that’s there to know about Lightroom. Comes with demo files, so you can try everything that you see in the video with the same files Chris uses.

What’s best: watch over half an hour of free previews – and you choose the price!

Discover Lightroom - Video Workshop with Chris Marquardt