Don’t delay, only 33 hours left to order the poster (and more cool stuff)

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RAIN OVER REYKJAVIKWow, thanks to all those who backed the RAIN OVER REYKJAVIK poster campaign, you managed to blast through the campaign goal in record time and all backers will receive the poster soon.

As of this post, it’s only 33 hours (!) until the campaign is over, and after that, there is no other way to get the RAIN OVER REYKJAVIK poster. This is a one-off, so this is officially the very last chance for you to order this poster.

Other tiers of the campaign include

  • Get your own photo(s) reviewed by Chris and receive an MP3
  • Get your own photo(s) reviewed by Chris in a live Skype session
  • Get your own photo(s) reviewed by Chris while being a guest on Tips from the Top Floor
  • Get a personalized live photo workshop by Chris

There are also two stretch goals, the first one adding a TFTTF logo sticker.

You got to be quick, only 33 hours left!

» go to the RAIN OVER REYKJAVIK backer campaign

FINALLY: The MIP is here!

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Yes, despite the date, this is not a joke. Over three years in the making, the ten MIP cameras are finally finished!

» more about the MIP


The ten serial-numbered and certified cameras have been meticulously built by German craftsmen (and one German craftswoman) – coming in a mix of wonderful materials:

From ten different beautiful woods (Ash Tree, Flamed Pear, European Maple, European Yew, Wild Pear, Satinwood, Service Tree, Fiddleback Ash, European Cherry, Almond Pear) to the entirely custom-made anodized and laser-engraved aluminium hardware.


And as a buyer you also get to choose from one of eight different leather-tipped strap designs, made to fit a great variety of different 4×5″ film holders.

The transport box:


» get your MIP here

Iceland 2014 – It Begins

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Reykjavik, here I am! I spent the other day out exploring the area a bit, of course with my camera. We had a wonderful sunset and Mt. Esja and the clouds presented quite a show. This was also a great test run for the Canon 100D/SL1. You’re welcome to venture a guess which of the pictures are from the venerable 5D Mark II and which ones have been taken with the baby DLSR.


By the way, I arrived at Keflavik airport outside Reykjavik two days ago. My luggage arrived yesterday. Yes, I’m lucky like that. Which is why I went out to a tourist shop on a Sunday (Iceland shops are typically closed on Sundays) and bought an original Icelandic Sweater.


If you want to follow along with the pictures, head over to my Iceland 2014 Photo Tour album on flickr. I will also try to post a few updates here on the blog.





» more pictures from the Iceland 2014 Photo Tour