Aperture development stopped by Apple. What now?

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Aperture goneApple just announced that they will stop development on Aperture and instead concentrate their efforts on the new Photos app, which will also replace iPhoto. On the one hand it makes sense to consolidate efforts, on the other hand losing Aperture makes me sad.

I have been a Lightroom user from day one, actually from the first beta. I know Lightroom in and out and whenever I used Aperture it felt a bit foreign. My connection with Lightroom goes so far that I have released several video workshops to make it easy for beginners to get up to speed with Lightroom.

But still, monopolies are bad and competition is good for product quality. Competition is what keeps both, Apple and Adobe on their toes. So I really hope the new Photos app that Apple announced on the 2014 WWDC keynote will be a worthy successor to Aperture that has the potential to keep Lightroom in check.

Still, Aperture will not disappear from your computer right away. It won’t evolve any further, but according to TechCrunch “Apple says that it will provide compatibility updates to Aperture that allow it to run on OS X Yosemite”. And Adobe announced that they will provide a migration path for users who want to switch.

In the meantime, if you are an Aperture user who is now searching for a new home, let me point you to two products that I made and that I’m very proud of:

  • Discover Lightroom – a Lightroom video workshop that takes you from the first steps to proficiency. Over six hours of DRM-free 720p HD video.
    DRM-free H.264 (watch free sample videos)
  • 1 Hour 1000 Pics – Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow – how much is your time worth? This highly rated ebook (and free audiobook!) explore and explain why a solid workflow is key and then provides you to the point with a fail-safe method that allows you to quickly boil down that pile of images to the essence, to your very best photos

Both sites give you a ton of free demo content to help you decide.

Kathmandu Night Street Photography

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Kathmandu Night Street Photography

Kathmandu is a special place, both during daytime and at night. Not just for tourists, but especially for photographers. And if the opportunity arises to do some Kathmandu night street photography, Chris is right on the ball. This opportunity came up around the Boudanath Stupha, when the 2014 Everest Trek group stayed for an additional night in Kathmandu before taking off to Lukla airport in the mountains. It’s amazing how busy the streets can be after dark. You can buy anything, from butter lamps to meat, from incense to Fanta. And of course the ubiquitous Tiger Balm. Our hotel was just a few minutes away from the market that surrounds the big stupha, so we snuck out to see what the night life in this part of town had to offer. And Kathmandu didn’t disappoint, especially when it came to street photography. The merchants had their shops open, each one specialized in their own field.

By the way, there are no street lights, so after dark all that illuminates the roads is the light from the shops, which makes street photography even more interesting and a bit of an exposure challenge. The shops light the streets even when there’s a power outage – which does happen on a daily basis. The shops then simply bring out their own little generators.

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German speakers: I’ll be on the radio tomorrow night at 10pm

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Yep, me, on Radio Fritz, Apr 11 2014, 22:00 German time. I will talk photography and stuff with Holger Klein during the Blue Moon show. It’ll be in German.

Livestream at http://www.fritz.de/media/livestream/

Ich werde morgen ab 22 Uhr live im Radio sein. Radio Fritz, Berlin, mit Holger Klein. Wir werden vermutlich über Fotografie reden. Und über Zeug. Mal schauen. Ich freue mich drauf!

Den Livestream findet ihr auf http://www.fritz.de/media/livestream/

Don’t delay, only 33 hours left to order the poster (and more cool stuff)

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RAIN OVER REYKJAVIKWow, thanks to all those who backed the RAIN OVER REYKJAVIK poster campaign, you managed to blast through the campaign goal in record time and all backers will receive the poster soon.

As of this post, it’s only 33 hours (!) until the campaign is over, and after that, there is no other way to get the RAIN OVER REYKJAVIK poster. This is a one-off, so this is officially the very last chance for you to order this poster.

Other tiers of the campaign include

  • Get your own photo(s) reviewed by Chris and receive an MP3
  • Get your own photo(s) reviewed by Chris in a live Skype session
  • Get your own photo(s) reviewed by Chris while being a guest on Tips from the Top Floor
  • Get a personalized live photo workshop by Chris

There are also two stretch goals, the first one adding a TFTTF logo sticker.

You got to be quick, only 33 hours left!

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