tfttf533 video – Making of Episode 532

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532 from Chris Marquardt on Vimeo.

Download the high quality video for this episode

Today Chris will give you a look behind the scenes of how episode 532 of Tips from the Top Floor was made from start to finish. Hope you enjoy the little look behind the curtain. This video was shot and produced by film maker Allan Attridge.

  • Thomas Becker

    Pretty neat to see behind the scenes, how a podcast is created. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Sebastian

    Very interesting. I like behind-the-scenes-videos.
    Thumbs Up!

    P.S. Your Mackie-Mixer (or whatever this his) has to be cleaned from all the dust :)

  • Rafal

    Chris I just heard the last pod-cast on my way to work this morning “The making of the Making Of” and I felt compelled to have a look at the video Allan and you produced :) I just watched it and found it very interesting. Thank you for giving us a peak into your studio and the process of what you go through in putting out a pod cast…

    I appreciate the work and value it dearly.

  • John Cannon, Toronto

    A wonderful view behind the scenes. More production equipment involved than I would have guessed. Love the show, thanks for this revealing look. Fantastic.

  • Gabriel Cruz

    Fantastic BTShow. OMG Chris you look so serious on the video, completely different as you sound on the podcast show.

    Thank you very much for the amazing show.

  • StoneSoulPicnic

    I’m new to your show, I learned about it through Leo LaPorte…Loved your “Things that changed my life in 2013″ segment. The changes you made really were very simple things that we all can and should be doing but they way you explained the impact those relatively small changes had on your life, really drove the point home. I just bought the book “4 hour body”. Thanks!