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Become A TFTTF Patron

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5 thoughts on “Support The Show And Keep The Top Floor Lights On”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I just added a Flattr subscription for your show.
    But I do have one thing, which in the past had me seriously thinking about unsubscribing tfttf. And when I mean seriously I mean it.
    This is a show about photography. I don’t want to hear music in it. A signation at the beginning is okay, but the “thing” in the middle and also at the end is unnerving.
    There are some points which are more or less kind of annoying:

    – the show gets unnecessary longer without any added value. Especially at the end, there are some minutes which I hear each and every week over and over again. In this time I would have been able to consume the next news podcast. But I can’t, because I am sitting on the bike and cannot skip to the end. If at least it would be new music every time, but so…

    – If I want to hear music, I have the possibility on many different channels: either my personal library or some more or less curated sources where I can discover new music. But this podcast is about photography and not about music.

    – and on a even more personal note: the song in the middle is in my ears so hurting, that I really had to stop playing the podcast. I cannot describe why but really I had a time some months ago, where I had thought long and thouroughly about stop subscribing to tfttf. But then the topics are so much worth listening, that I refrained from it. Now I skip the music part which is also a bit of a hassle, because of the skipping forward, then back, then forward again to the right point. And on a side note: I would not mind or take any action if there would only be the sponsor’s message. But so I have to skip this a well…

    So after 2+ years I finally got this out. I thought long about it, whether I should tell you or not because it sounds maybe a little strange. But I do feel similar with any podcast which plays music in the middle. (seems to be an american thing, never encountered this in a european podcast).

    Maybe you can do something about it, probably not. I still will hopefully listen as long as you can produce the show.

    greetings from Vienna

  2. Helmut,

    thanks so much for your feedback. You taking the effort to write this down shows me that you care about TFTTF and I appreciate that a lot! However, the format of the show is not for everybody and that is okay. I will never be able to please everybody and when it comes to that, I tend to go with what John Lennon once said: “Trying to please everybody is impossible – if you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.” First and foremost I’m giving away this show because I love what I do, I love thinking and talking about photography. For me personally the music is a truly essential element to help structure the show and give it a scaffolding and this in itself adds value. I could of course leave out the music, add fact after fact after fact, but then I wouldn’t enjoy making the show anymore and eventually that would make me have to stop doing it. In the end I believe it comes down to taste and I hope you’ll find a way to skip forward over the music that offends you so much. There are podcatchers that allow you to configure skip-forward and skip-backward intervals, 30 and 15 seconds have worked quite well for me with some podcasts. There are also great earphones with a built-in remote control that you could use while cycling (here in Germany I think it’s not allowed to cycle while having earphones in).

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Chris,

    thanks for taking the time answering my thoughts and giving my some insight to your motivations.
    Honestly I did not think that you would change the format of the show. After all it’s – as you also stated – YOUR show and I can understand and live very well with it.
    Also the fact that each and every time I come back and listen to it shows me (and probably also you) that the show you create every week is worth listening regardless of any circumstances.
    Of course I have the means of skipping, and when not, then it also is only a matter of minutes and the next interesting part is just around some more beats.

    The one thing you may (or may not) consider for the future: why not change the music from time to time? Needs not to be every show but maybe every half a year or so.

    Nevertheless keep up the fine work, happy Shooting!

    best wishes from Vienna

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