tfttf591 – Where Are All The Women

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Barry wants to lead a photowalk and Chris offers TFTTF as a platform to advertise listener meet-ups, we’ll look at a super-low-contrast picture, Mitch has a question about photography in the south of Germany and let’s try to find an answer to the question why photography is such a male-dominated field these days.

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Feb 1-7 2015: Aurora Borealis, Iceland
May 2015: India - Darjeeling First Flush
Sep 2015: Ireland - Donegal Dreamscapes
Oct 2015: New York City
2016: Ethiopia - Danakil Desert
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4 thoughts on “tfttf591 – Where Are All The Women”

  1. Hi Chris, it took me a little time to get the connection between the picture and the show topic. At first I thought it might be about storks nesting in southern Germany. Then I realised it was an explanation for why there are so few women photographers. They are at home looking after their young and tidying the house. I’d better go before my wife reads this :)

  2. Your show notes has the question “Where are you from?” If you listened to your parents, the answer for many of you is “A stork brought me.”

    I’m listening to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  3. Hello Chris, Not only the longest running podcast but byfar the best! I am a man of 60+ years and learned most of what I know about photography just notyh of Tubigen I don’t know if I spelled it correctly. I was stationed st Kelly Baracks Just south of Stutgart. I taught photography at the rec services there on base. My mentor was a man fron Austerya named Al, what a great guy. Back then we had darkrooms and the like and who would wvwe think we would now have light room. I am a Canon guy I use the 5D Mak III and II as well as the 7D with several difrent “L” series lenses and some not. I have some Sigma lenses that work for me what do you think.
       I miss the german food and good beer that we can not get here in the states. Thank you for all you do you are a great service to us all

    Theodore M. Nelson
    SFC U.S. Army Retired

  4. Hi Chris,

    Really enjoy catching you podcast while working at my desk when I don’t require major thinking for writing etc. Also listen while scooting around the Niagara region of Southern Ontario. My thoughts about this week’s image are much in line with Michael’s. Might could be nurture or where the women are or a capture from a photowalk you were on? Keep up the great work! 

    BTW I was on a workshop with Neil and Susan several years ago in UT. They are great leaders. 

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