tfttf577 – The Speed Of Bytes

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Rick wants to know how the speed of his SD cards might be limited by the speed of today’s USB ports, so Chris takes a look at current card speeds and compares them with what today’s USB ports can deliver. Dave has an old pre-digital lens attached to his DSLR and the exposure is THREE STOPS off. James has just bought a couple of light meters and asks Chris for his thoughts. Also Chris will briefly discuss what made him decide for the picture he used for the last episode.

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  • Steve Cooper

    Chris the picture looks like you about to zoom down a USB cable for data transfer. The distorted perspective giving the impression of being suck down the data stream.

  • pauline

    playfulness. goofin’ around. having fun with photography. great way to start a game… :-)

  • oli

    I agree on Steve: This is the point of view a light meter takes while checking the light quality. ;-)

  • Dave Schuder

    Chris, i think you chose this picture at random to see what wild guesses you would get. Very nice portrait, by the way.

  • chrismarquardt

    Heheh, this is fun! You’re all slightly off though :) All will be revealed tonight in the next episode!