tfttf571 – A Sliding Scale

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In this international episode Chris gets a call from Mexico (about a photography business), one from Peru (about size reference in pictures), one from California (about normal focal lengths) and another one from an undisclosed location (about the best ISO setting for a camera).

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  • alfora

    Regarding Auto-ISO and the D800:
    Just set the highest ISO value that you are comfortably with (ISO 1600 is a no-brainer, 6400 is ok). Also adjust the longest speed or, even better, leave that on “auto”. The camera will set the longest exposure according to the focus length of your lens automatically. You can even tell it to use shorter or longer speeds.

    But, most important, don’t forget that you can switch on and off Auto-ISO at any time by using the ISO button and one of the two dials on your camera. The dial on the front-side will switch between normal mode and Auto-ISO. The dial on the back will set the ISO or set the lowest ISO value if you are in Auto-ISO mode.

  • Uwe

    That would exactly be my answer, too.