An Incredibly Organic Process – Toronto 2012

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In August 2012, ten people met in Toronto to celebrate one of the most magic ways of making photographs: with a 4×5 (and an 8×10) camera, using film. They spent three days to learn and explore every facet of the large format, from portraiture to landscape and architecture, from tilt and swing to rise and fall, from push to pull and from beginner to expert. This is the full version of the video.

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3 thoughts on “An Incredibly Organic Process – Toronto 2012”

  1. Wenn ich die Kameras sehe geht mir das Herz auf. Das passiert bei digitalen Kameras nur ganz selten bis gar nicht. Muss wohl doch darüber nachdenken in die analoge Mittel- und/oder Grossformatfotografie einzusteigen…

  2. You opened my eyes, and curiosity. I thought I wasn’t interested in film anymore. Now I want to play with it again.

  3. Very nostalgic to watch…reminds me of my early days as a hobby photographer. Still in love with photography and very grateful to you Chris for your generousity. You certainly make this world a better place.

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