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Oli has some deep thoughts on GAS*, Chris finds out about wind and sails, and Allan has a serious case of analog gear envy, he wants to buy a medium format camera.

Photo Day 2012 is coming up on August 18, please submit your suggestions here.

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* SHEEESH, stop sniggering, GAS stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome

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Feb 1-7 2015: Aurora Borealis, Iceland
May 2015: India - Darjeeling First Flush
Sep 2015: Ireland - Donegal Dreamscapes
Oct 2015: New York City
2016: Ethiopia - Danakil Desert
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7 thoughts on “tfttf555 – GAS On Film”

  1. As a older guy, I really liked this show. Yes, shooting Black and White with my Pentax K1000 is all about the photo, not the computer. I think you should have a seperate blog for non digital.

  2. The analog photo discussion was interesting. Never heard of pulling. I’m too lazy to go back to analog, but your discussions bring back pleasant memories from the 60’s.

  3. Hi, I loved this show, and it inspires me to try pulling a roll of film to see the better dynamic range I get.

    One question, Chris, at one time in this show you said you tried a series of shots, one at 1000, 500, 250, 125, etc.  You were saying this in the context (I believe) of pulling the film, but how can this be done on the same film?  I thought (and it was confirmed later in the show) that the entire film should be exposed at the same pull amount (doesn’t the entire film itself need to be developed in a different way when pulled?).

    Thanks.  Raymond.

  4. Hi Chris, listened to your show while going to work today, so I was also awake at the end of the show. Great show, as always. Love to listen to them.

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