tfttf439 video – Everest Trek #08 – Straps

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How do you carry your camera in an exciting environment like the Himalayas where you want to be ready to shoot? Around your neck? Hanging off the backpack? Slung over your shoulder? Let’s talk to some of the trek participants and find out what solutions they came up with. Also: get ready for the t-shirt giveaway contest – you can win one of twenty hand-embroidered Everest Trek t-shirts from Kathmandu in the next episode!

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  • James Ciminera

    My personal camera strap preference is the “Black Rapid”. I do not like my camera on my chest, and this strap allows me to have the camera at my waist, and swing it up quickly into position like a gun slinger. I also like that it connects to the tripod mount, and not the camera strap mounts. It just feels more secure to me, and it doesn’t bounce around when I move quickly.

  • Thomas

    Would it be possible to separate video feeds from audio feeds? It doesn’t make much sense if you’re on your way to work by car or bike and the podcatcher synced tons of video stuff.

  • Photography Studio Equipment

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  • Parvu Claudiu

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