tfttf250 – Are expensive lenses worth it?

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Unbelievable that this little show made it to 250! And nobody sent in a happy birthday voice mail…

Today: MacLive Expo, Leo Laporte asks “Am I getting suckered here?” and don’t forget you can WIN a free seat on one of the 2008 workshops!


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  • Simon

    Awww…. Sorry Chris.

    So, on everyone’s behalf –



  • Mikael

    Chris, Glücklicher Geburtstag from San Diego, CA.
    Thanks for a another great show. I’m looking forward to the next 250.

  • Jim

    So much has been written about the 50L mentioned in the podcast I decided to rent a 50 1.2L for a week to see if there is a $1,000 difference compared to the 50 1.4. I put up a bunch of comparison pics, so judge for yourself.

  • Jim

    As a new 5D / 50mm 1.4 owner I rented a 50 1.2 L for a week to see if there was $1,000 worth of difference between them. I put up a lot of comparison pics. Judge for yourself: