tfttf028 – thunderstorm soundseeing

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Remember the lightning photography show #25? Here it is put into practise!

Here’s another soundseeing episode for you, this time I’m chasing lightning bolts.. enjoy!

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“T-Storm” (click image for a larger version)

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  • Eric Ortega

    Excellent shot. I just moved to the American midwest where thunderstorms are a (nearly) daily occurance. One question: Is that an in-camera shot or is that a composite. If it’s a composite what technique did you use to stack the images?

    Excellent podcast! Keep up the good work!


  • Thomas

    Time to say, your show is awesome. It’s one of the best podcasts i know. Interesting, totally audience orientated, simple and technically perfect. Keep on podcsting chris…and thx for the show!

  • Administrator

    Eric, I got lucky to get those 2 big lightning bolts and the smaller one to the right within the 30 second time slot of one single exposure. But if I would’ve had to stack them, I would most probably have used “lighten” for a layer blending mode and some sort of a mask to limit the area where the blending happens.

    Thomas, thanks so much much for your great feedback, I’m an avid listener of the Sciencecast and Sushiradio, and I can only return the compliment: keep up your own great work too! :)

  • Anson Wilson

    Chris, love your approach, your personality, and love your show. This podcast let the listeners truly feel the excitement of capturing that PERFECT picture. I’ve decided to get back into photography because of this podcast, and my Canon 300D came in the mail today :) Be looking for some content from me very soon!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Edward Klein


    I became a catcher a few weeks back and your’s is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed this lightning photography episode and now I find myself itching for a good thunderstorm to play with.

    Some of the tips you’ve shared I’ve been familiar with, but many are new to me and it is always good to get reinforcement of these techniques.

    I’ve voted at podcast alley and podcast awards (do it, people!). Keep up the great show.

    A Nikon D70 user in Texas,

  • Joseph

    Hello Chris,

    I’m slightly envious of all that rain you received that day!! I’m listening to your podcast of the lightning bolt show, it sounds so pleasing. Good work!!


  • Darren

    Great Show!!!

    I have listened to many of your shows and really enjoy them. I think this one is a cut above, because you do a great job putting the listener right there beside you. I enjoy being able to be a part of your thought process, and think it is great to see the results after listening.

    Can’t wait for the next thunderstorm!

    Keep it up!!!

  • Boris Nienke


    such a gread show! I always thought that no one really needs a podcast. But yours is really cool. It’s strange – because an audio-show for photographers is not what i really expected :D

    OK, to that show (thunderstorm): You said that you have missed a “massive one” because you missed to trigger the cam again.

    Here’s an idea: What about using an external trigger and lock it. When the cam is set to 30 seconds, then the cam will fire a picture every 30 secs automatically until the memory-card is full. Then you never have to hit a button and you have every second on picture.
    How about that?

    Go on! GREAT show!

  • Administrator


    thanks for the great feedback and thanks for the hint with the external trigger. There are such devices that can do that, but for my purposes that would be too specialized. Maybe one of these days I’ll get one.


  • Boris Nienke

    Hi again – wow, you are that fast…

    don’t know if it’s OK to post a link to an other website – feel free to delete it if you like.
    On this side (it’s in german) you see a photo-documented manual on how to build a trigger on your own (if you have a canon EOS 300D or 350D):

    Together with the “sequence”-mode on such DSLR it’s rather easy to make such 30 second shootings without hanging on the cam all the time (or 15 second-shootings if you set the cam to that time of course … :-))

    I will see – maybe i buy such device or i build it up on my own… not sure yet

    i don’t know how easy it would be to build such device for other cameras.

  • Martin

    It appears that the link to this podcast is down, can’t be downloaded via itunes or via the link on this page.

  • Tom

    Hello Chris from “Big D”, Dallas Texas USA! I really enjoy the show in general but, I just wanted t let you know that really really enjoyed this show where you were commenting on the thunderstom and snapping pictures. It sounds like me when I know I am in the right place with my camera and ready to capture some great shots! My wife always rolls her eyes whenever I get excited about taking pictures but I cannot help myself. :D

    I think this could be a format you could use ocasionally for your podcast. Doing commentary while on a shoot and verbalize some of your photo sense logic to the listeners on how to get a good shot or how you set up a shot etc. Love the podcast! -Tom

  • Administrator


    thanks so much for the great feedback! Wait ’til you listened to the Mooo-ving Landscape episode :)

  • eisyam

    it was amazing picture. real picture and real action. sometimes, it can kills people who live in the area. because, it comprise thousand of walt of electric power. erm..

  • http://google kt

    all the pics you capture are amazing but how do you do it?

  • Administrator

    @tk: erm… I guess you’ll have to listen to the show to find out :)

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