Workshops and photo tours with Chris Marquardt

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Workshops and photo tours with Chris Marquardt

Every year, Chris teaches workshops around the globe. From Japan to Nepal and Tibet, from the foothills of Mt. Everest to the Darjeeling tea harvest. From Germany to Canada to the United States.

Topics range from portraiture to landscape to street to studio to advanced night photography. The Himalayan Workshops (www.himalayanworkshops.com) take groups of photographers to the end of the world and the Iceland tour features northern lights, wild nature and lava beaches with blue ice. It’s a magical world out there, come and see it!

The workshops and photo tours are designed in a way that makes sure most people will be able to participate. Even the taxing Himalayan tours can be done by many people, proved yet again in 2014 by one participant who joined us on this adventure despite the fact that he has two artificial knees.

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