A letter from Chris, August 2nd 2011

Hello, fellow photographers!

It was not an easy decision, but due to repeated security issues with the forum software I had to pull the plug and disable the forum for now. I am looking into alternatives, but there's a chance that the forum will remain closed.

The reason this had to happen right now and without notice is that the forum system had been used by someone as a spam mailing platform, and the entire server was about to get blacklisted, which would have severely hampered my abilities to receive email.

I know how important the forum was in the early days of the TFTTF community, but let's face it, over the last couple of years the overall activity wasn't what it used to be, and even though some of the areas (the challenges for example) were still active, a lot of the discussions have shifted over to other venues such as flickr, Twitter or Google+.

I want to thank all the moderators who held an eye out for spam posts, and did a wonderful job in keeping the forum a clean and fun place full of great photography information for many years. The forum wouldn't have survived as long without your wonderful help!

For now, the best place I can think of to continue any photograpy and show-related discussions is to use the discussion area over at the flickr TFTTF group. The group is maintained by release pixie Ravsitar and even though the features are admittedly limited, I hope that this will work for the time being.

If you know a better alternative, please let me know!


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