Chicago Sun Times lays off all staff photographers

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But why? I simply don’t understand the basis for this decision.

“…if you’re a 50-65-year old managing editor or publisher at one of the country’s GREAT newspapers and in an industry that is clearly shrinking… Where people are subscribing less often, and getting their news more and more often from Facebook or Twitter… What do you do to stand out?

Well if you’re incredibly myopic: you lay off your entire photography staff.

That’s forward thinking. We’re clearly not in a visual age… teenagers are clearly READING 300-1,200 word articles on newspaper websites on a regular basis… “

(source How to insure your extinction: look at what newspapers are doing )

tfttf Special – Update after the Hokkaido Earthquake

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Chris and Martin Bailey are calling in at 5am from a Japanese bus on their way to do a sunrise photo shoot with the workshop group over lake Kushiro.

They also briefly touch on the 6.4 earthquake that happened in Hokkaido the night before and how it affected Japan and the photography tour (hint: not much actually).

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