REPOST: tfttf716 – Noisy Winner Telling A Story

Whoops, when saving TFTTF 716 I made a booboo and stole about 12 minutes from you. Bad Chris, no biscuit!

Here’s the full 39-minute episode in its full glory.

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tfttf713 – Truly Precise Focus


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In this episode Chris talks about the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic. Jon Miller comes on the show to tell you about the new Kodak Super 8 film camera that he saw at CES. Chris will also discuss the why and how of manual focusing. Conclusion: a) it is okay to manual focus, b) it can be really beneficial to focus manually (depending on situation or depending how much control you want or how precise you will be), c) different lenses are better at manual focussing and last but not least d) practice makes perfect.

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Workshops with Chris Marquardt
Jan 2016: Ethiopia - Danakil Desert
Mar 2016: Lake Baikal, Siberia
Jun 2016: Lofoten, Norway
Sep 2016: Donegal
May 2017: Svalbard/Spitzbergen
Nov 2017: Bhutan
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Ethiopia Blew My Mind – Again

Timkat festival, Lalibela, Ethiopia
Timkat festival, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Ethiopia was an absolute thrill to photograph this year. It’s a poor country and yet everyone there seems so full of joy, the smiles are contagious. The annual Timkat festival in Lalibela turned out to be one of the most energetic events I’ve ever attended. And I managed to get right into the middle.

» Chris Marquardt’s photography at the Lalibela Timkat festival




» Chris Marquardt’s photography at the Lalibela Timkat festival

Send Chris to the Icebergs. And Penguins.

When Jon Miller (The Rest of Everest) found out about a contest to win a 30-day tour to Antarctica, he told me “YOU’VE GOT TO ENTER!” – I had a look and was pretty quickly convinced that I want to do that.

So here I am, I’ve entered the contest and if I manage to get enough votes from you, there’s a chance to win and bring you some great photography, videos and podcast episodes from the tour.

If you like, please cast your vote here (Facebook account required) – and while you’re at it, there are several other TFTTF listeners who would be happy if you could give them a vote too!

And if you enter yourself (yes, you can enter too!), please send me a link, so I can add them to a post here on the site to send people your way too.

Send me to Antarctica and I’ll take you with me!

After the last contest that (briefly) got one of my pictures into the Paris Louvre, here’s the next one. This time it’s about the trip of a lifetime: Antarctica. It’s so high on my list, it’s almost painful. And here’s a potential opportunity that has just opened up. The cruise is in 2017 and one person will win it.

And of course if I’m lucky enough to go, I’ll pack you into my suitcase and take you with me. In the form of audio and video and photography.


You can help me get in with your vote (Facebook account required)

» VOTE HERE (and make sure you also vote for the other TFTTF listeners who also participate)

Oh, and you can come in person too, the contest is open to everybody. What are you waiting for?