Apple’s Photos App Is Here


Update: I held quick periscope Q&A session. If you use the app, you can watch it here.

I just spent an hour playing with the new Apple Photos App and here are a few very early first impressions.

Let’s get the most important question out of the way right now: no, it’s not a full replacement for Aperture or Lightroom. Will that hinder its success? I don’t think it will. And here’s why.
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tfttf677 – Roll Your Own


Chris talks about using color filters on your black and white camera. This goes back to the oldest recorded methods of creating color pictures and it has been done way back when there was only black and white film.

He has also started to do short photo Q&A sessions on his Periscope video live stream. Keep an eye on Chris’ Twitter stream so you won’t miss any of these ad-hoc sessions. A great opportunity to ask your questions live and get instant answers.

Also find out why Chris doesn’t set the date and time on his cameras anymore. Hint: it is easier for Chris to batch change the time after the fact, using a simple Lightroom trick.

Today’s guest Sina Farhat talks about how he saves a ton of money by rolling his own film.

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The Date & Time On My Camera Don’t Matter

Okay, let me admit it right at the beginning:

I never set the clock on my camera.

There. I said it.

Daylight Saving Time Defused

Germany has just switched to daylight saving time and like Groundhog Day, there is yet again a flurry of Tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts and YouTube videos reminding you to set the clock in your camera. Twice a year. Again and again. Ad nauseum.

Add some travel into the mix and, unless your camera has a fancy GPS and sets its own time, the repeated clock setting starts to become a real chore.

But you know, to be honest, I’ve had the clock in my cameras set to the wrong time for over a year. Not because I’m lazy (well, okay, there’s a little bit of that) but also because I keep forgetting. I travel to a different time zone, I meet with other photographers, daylight saving time just descends upon me, I’m distracted, I simply forget to change the time and date on my cameras.
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tfttf672 – Leonard Nimoy, Photographer

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, he played one of the most iconic roles on TV and directed movies. And he died this morning. I’m of course talking about Leonard Nimoy. And I’m sure as many of you did, I grew up with him on TV, obviously in Star Trek as Mr. Spock.. and I was actually planning to skip this week’s episode because of just so many things going on here right now, but when I heard the sad news, I thought I had to bring up another side of this man, that’s very relevant to this little show.. and that’s the fact that in addition to being an actor, Leonard Nimoy was also a photographer.

The full video

There’s his The Full Body project, the Shekhina series, he released some poetry and photography and he even exhibited in the Emerson Gallery in Berlin.

So when I started thinking about what I could say here.. I actually remembered a video that I saw a year ago, where Leonard Nimoy gets interviewed by Pharell Williams on the Reserve Channel… and in addition to talking about Star Trek and other things, Williams asks him about his photography, so let’s hear it from Leonard Nimoy himself

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