A Bed For A Website – Joo Kraus

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Joo Kraus did it again. Did I mention how much I love to see my work in the wild, used in real projects, while at the same time being incredibly humbled that someone likes it so much that they are willing to publicly display it on their own property?

First there was the magazine article about this extraordinary trumpet player (search his name on YouTube and you’ll find a treasure trove of wonderful music). Joo just relaunched his new website using my photography as a backdrop.
» www.jookraus.de

Published In Magazine

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It’s wonderful to see your work published in a magazine!


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Tweetstorm: Photography And Happiness

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Watch out, Tweetstorm in three, two, one.

A tweetstorm is like a mini blog entry. To my knowledge, web pioneer and venture capitalist Marc Andreesen (@pmarca, co-author of Mosaic, the first web browser) cultivated this form of communication and here’s my first effort. A tweetstorm is great to convey an idea that’s too complex for 140 characters but might still be valuable for a Twitter audience.

Anyway, here’s my first one, it’s in the widest sense about photography and happiness.

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Affinity Designer might give Adobe a bit of a headache

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affinity-designer-logo Many of us have reluctantly signed up for the Adobe Creative Cloud because .. well .. because there’s not much of an alternative. A monopoly is a monopoly and monopolists have the tendency to take what they think is theirs.

This might be changing right now. A few days ago, Affinity Designer has emerged. It’s a vector program that works remarkably well. You get to switch between three different modes (they call them “persona”): vector, pixel and export. It’s fast, it’s small and it seems really well programmed.

While that in itself is all great, here are a few more goodies:

Affinity is planning to release two more products: Photo and Publisher. If the quality of Designer is any indication on what’s to come, Adobe might have a bit of a problem on their hands. I’m serious. This thing is speedy and fun to work with. Watch the video on their home page, after playing with Designer on my 2012 Macbook Air, I can confirm that what they demo in the video isn’t sped up.

And then there’s the pricing model: bye bye subscriptions. Affinity Designer is $39.99 (20% discounted launch offer until Oct/9/2014) and if you buy it, it’s yours to keep.

Oh, and did I mention that they support Mac OSX 10.7 and up? So my old 2007 Mac Pro can play too!

I’m convinced. Bring on the Photo and Publisher!

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The more I rummage around in Designer, the more little delightful things I discover. For example the non-destructive boolean operations (hint: select two shapes, click the boolean toolbar icons while holding down the Alt/Option key) and then I found this in the help file: the Affinity Cat


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