tfttf589 – More Light Makes More Dark

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On this episode of TFTTF German wants to know how to deal with Lightroom and multiple catalogs, Simon has a question on the inverse square law (no math in this episode, promise!) and Happy 111th Birthday, Ansel Adams!

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept” – Ansel Adams

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  • Jürgen Kaspar

    Flash guns like a SB 900 or a Speedlite 580 II in a Stadion … how far could it work?
    with Zoom = 100 LZ = 56 f = 8
    ISO100 –  7 m
    ISO400 – 14 m
    ISO1600 – 28m
    ISO6400 – 56m
    open the to f = 2 and it work in an stadion = 224m, it should work

    … and with the popup flash LZ=12 like most DSLR have?
    Zoom=100 LZ=12 f=2 ISO6400 = 48m (not only the head in front of you ;-) 

    calculation made by formular from wikipedia:

  • Matt Johnson

    photo relates to Simon’s question about light fall off and shooting in a concert setting.