tfttf567 – First Kodak, now Efke – Making Sense Of It All

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Jail Kitchen by Monika Andrae

Chris and Monika discuss the current changes in the film industry, including Kodak’s plans to sell their film division and Efke’s announcement to stop making photographic films and papers. Find out why Chris and Monika are not too concerned about these developments. Also learn how you can enter 4×5 large format photography for as low as $300.

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  • Paul Henman

    Thanks for the mention Chris! Some people have posted shots from that evening walk ( ) and I’m looking forward to seeing yours and Monika’s.

  • chrismarquardt

    Hi Paul, We will post them once we’re back and have everything developed and scanned. Patience :)

  • Bill Smith

    Hi Chris, I came across your podcast this morning and I love it. I’m hoping a group like Harman will come along and buy Kodak’s film business, as you mentioned it is profitable and like you, I would miss Tri-X especially in 120 format