2013 UK Workshops – Need Your Help!

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As you probably heard me mention on the show, I’ve been looking at bringing the workshops to the UK in 2013.

I haven’t made any firm decisions yet, but I am looking at several options. So far, London (or more likely right outside London) and Liverpool look the most promising, with possibly of a third location about to materialise.

This is where you come in!

1. To gauge interest, I have listed several options in the poll below. By letting me know, which of these options is your most favourite, you are going help shape what’s coming

2. Please also use the comments in this post to give me any additional information

3. If you own or have access to a great venue in a great city in the UK, especially around London or Liverpool, contact me!

You've heard me talk about it on the show, I'm looking at bringing the workshops to the UK in 2013. Which of these options are you most interested in?

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  • Sina Farhat

    I live in Sweden and it would be a short trip to the UK for me to participate on your workshops.

  • http://twitter.com/00Sleepy 00Sleepy (T.Bruehl)

    The Klostergeister workshop in Germany is an awesome place and experience, dreaming of an old castle in Scotland as location for an equal workshop. :-)

  • Terrymaltman

    Anywhere Midlands (eg Nottingham) or north but please not London

  • Chris

    Adding one to the midlands, maybe Derby; nice architecture. Perhaps even some like Lincoln or York.

  • Terry

    Lincoln would be good. Nice small city. Beautiful cathedral and castle and some spectacular views around the steep hill.

  • Dave

    Would love something in West Cornwall: lots of picturesque landscapes and beaches and weather within a small area, and for variety plenty of old abandoned mines.

  • Dave

    Also second something in the midlands…close to home for me!

  • Sealercoaster


  • Linda Niedringhaus

    Oxford City Center

  • Garfieldhope

    London….. Plenty of options

  • Julia


  • David

    I work in London so that would be ideal for me. However, I would LOVE an architecture, urban or street photography workshop anywhere in the UK!

  • http://twitter.com/stevewebbphotog steve webb

    Really glad you are considering doing workshops in the UK Chris. I voted for central London just because there are so many options there but I live in the Midlands so would also like to add weight to those comments. Personally I would love to attend an urban, street and night cityscape workshop so I await the announcements eagerly. Can you set something up where people could register interest and then get e-mails when announcements are made?? I listen to every podcast but quite often let them stack up for a few weeks before hearing them all on one long car journey so I would hate to miss out for that reason. Keep up the good work Chris, Love the show.