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Maybe the analog ones among you (or those who love photography, no matter if it’s analog or digital) might enjoy this little 90-second video. I produced it the other day together with Allan Attridge, trying out his new camera dolly. I’d say it works.

(It looks gorgeous in HD and full-screen!)

  • Papa-guy

    Absolutely loved this video. The music is delightful, leading the viewer to follow the story conveyed so wonderfully in the closeup photography. Makes me want to head down into my basement to dig out my old analog equipment…

  • chrismarquardt

    What are you waiting for? Shoot some film! 

  • Jack

    Really got to me.  I love how you spotlighted the Tri X film. I retired from Eastman Kodak in 2007 after a 31+ year career.  I was never a professional but I had a darkroom in my parents basement when I was teenager.  I still remember the magic of seeing my black and white prints appear on the photo paper when I would process the paper in the chemicals after exposing it.