tfttf546 – 7 years after the thunderstorm

In this episode Chris talks about storing big images files on external disks, he has some more (mixed) news about Lightroom 4.1 and as a little bonus, then return of the soundseeing. Chris will take you on a (potentially boring) thunderstorm photo session.

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One thought on “tfttf546 – 7 years after the thunderstorm”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Nice “lightningseeing” at the end of this episode. Even as you introduced “Talkstacking” as a new possibility to shorten down long soudseeings 😉 So, about 5 min after the beginning of the soundseeing there where suddenly two Chrises talking simultaneously. It’s funny but might be slightly to much “Chris” at the same time for listen and understanding 😉

    Cheers: Manu

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