tfttf539 – Solar Eclipse and Creativity

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6936090435_56b42466feChris talks about how constraints make you more creative, Oliver wants to sync Lightroom between different computers and Brian is interested in solar eclipse photography.

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3 thoughts on “tfttf539 – Solar Eclipse and Creativity”

  1. Hey Chris,
    How fantastic to hear that I am not the only crazy guy who tried to push a Fomapan film !! ;)
    I’ve been almost in the same situation like you. In Lucerne I took some pictures of kind of a Lunapark. I had my Reflekta II, One last roll of a Fomapan 100 and a tripod from a friend which totally did’t fit to my camera. I ended up with pushing the film to ISO 400 and counting the seconds for eposuretime from my gut feeling. The result where absolutely fantastic. Even my friend who was in really big doubts that it works shout some compliments on me ;)

    Some examples can be found here, if you scroll down a little bit:

    So people, keep on trying out crazy things where the others think that it doesn’t work! In return, you’ll get the one or other suprise ;)

    Cheers Manu

  2. Hi!

    You asked how people are listening to your show. Well as you can guess from the time-gap between production and response, I am one of the classic-offline listeners.

    I have a linux-box running a little cron-triggered script called podget which checks all configured feeds once a day and downloads new episodes. Roughly once a month I burn them to CDs and feed my cars autochanger with them. All my regular passengers know You, Boris, Moni, Holgi, Tim, the two Scotts and many other hosts of the podcastes I’m subscribed to.

    I really dont understand the fuzz about all podcasts trying to go live lately because I really want to follow the shows I subscribe to and this would be much harder if I would listen to a live-stream. Beside the fact that in every place where I could listen live are way to many other things which could distract me.

    And yes, I am using the classic RSS-Feed, no iTunes or any other GUI-sh..tuff.

    Thanks – to all three of you.



  3. Thanks! I believe live is a great addition to a traditional podcast, but of course dropping the recording for live is a no-no. I love how live changes the dynamics of the performance and how it allows for more interactivity.

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