tfttf537 – Slide Shows with Horror Music


jazzOn this episode Chris takes a look at spot metering and how we tend to throw off brightness because of our expectations, he talks about ways to learn photography and you will learn some great ways to find or make the perfect music for your slide show or video project.

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2 thoughts on “tfttf537 – Slide Shows with Horror Music”

  1. Hi Chris! Thanks for answering my question! (I am the “Leah from Virginia”) I have used Apple’s music, Kevin MacLeod and one called CCmixter in the past and dabbled in Garage Band. I have 50 short videos to produce in the next few months and am so excited to try that out – THANK YOU for the tip!

    I have used music that isn’t in the public domain for montages on my YouTube channel and there is just an ad for the song to purchase on iTunes – I assume I cannot give that video file to the client unless paying some kind of royalty to the artist.

    If that’s the case, do you just contact the recording company? I wonder how many of them allow you to use it and how much they charge for a small potatoes gig, like a friend’s wedding. hmmmm…..

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