tfttf535 – The Making Of The Making Of

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mysteryvhsBrandt wants to know if he should upgrade to the new Nikon D4, landscape photographer Ed has been volunteered by his wife to take candid shots at a valentines dinner and Allan Attridge is back talking with Chris about the making of the making of.

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May 2014: Mt. Everest
May 2015: Darjeeling First Flush
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  • Brandt

    Hi Guys! Thanks for answering my question. I really was referring to the “quality” of the ISO capabilities, i.e., if I’m comfortable with a top limit of 1600 on my T2i, I’ve heard the quality of the D4’s ISO might allow me to go to 3200 or 6400 and still be happy. I guess I was asking if this D4 was a kind of “game changer” because of this–but I gather it is not–and that it’s just the next “out do the competition” feature that Canon will overcome with their next camera. Thanks for the tips–I’ll take your advice and save up for some nice glass :)

  • Ed

    Thanks for the advice and ideas! You have given me things to think about and look for that I hadn’t considered. Also, an excuse to buy another lens! I appreciate it very much!

  • Colin Cameron

    Good show as always. I have a suggestion for Allan. If you want old manual lenses for your canon then use the M42 lenses I got the adapter and it has no glass elements and you get full focus range. The M42 lenses are as cheep as the FD lenses as well.