tfttf529 – The Perfect Camera

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magicChris gives tips about camera shopping, DSLRs, Micro Four-Thirds and EVIL cameras, color spaces and his pet peeve: stuff that camera sales people try to make you buy.

Also, Red Dwarf fans in and around London, send me a mail, I have an extra ticket to a live RD recording in Shepperton on Jan/13 in exchange for a ride from the airport and back.

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  • Manuel

    Just a few thought about buying cameras and stuff…
    Generally, if I test something at the dealer around the corner, I also buy it there, like Chris suggested. But I always ask for a discount. Usually you don’t get such a big discount that is comparable with the cheap internet shop offers, but at the other hand, mostly you’ll get one.
    At the end it’s a win win situation for both. The dealer has a sell and you’ve got a little bit of a discount.
    If you just want to check some different cameras, go to a big electronics dealer like Media Market or so and test what you can ;-) There I really have no scruple to go and test, without buying the camera there. Usually they are not the cheap they want you make belive to. Except they have a special offer. So for me personally it’s just a big testing area and spend some money on specials offers opportunity ;-)
    Am I now a bad guy, thinking like that??? No Xmas presents for me this year? Or only discounted ones? Who nows? I don’t :-)

    Cheers and merry Xmas!!