tfttf506 – Special: The Invisible Camera Q and A

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The Invisible Camera has stirred up a whole lot of questions. Chris answers them on this special episode.

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  • Dominik

    Very very good made preparation for an april´s fool joke!
    Great work!

  • Horst

    love that science hoax ^^

  • photography news

    This is the best Hoax in a long time. Great job!

    I know many people will be disappointed, but the marketing value and all the fun you had probably was worth all the time you spent on it.

  • roger martin

    why are you not answering any questions, or taking seriously the question concerning that this is a APRIL FOOLS joke.????????

  • theinvisiblechris

    This is an invisible comment.

  • Paulo Mudar

    Translation by GOOGLE

    Good afternoon

    What is presented is based on a completely new technology, a true revolution in terms of architecture of computer systems.

    The description of the “Invisible Camera” is the same that had been made for transistors.

    You Should change the name of “Invisible Camera” for TransLighter ??

  • Axel

    We confirmed the concept in our experiments and also developed a digital version by gluing a iPad on the back. We used good old Patex ( Patex seems to improve the sensitivity further on.
    The digital version is extremely useful for traveling to avoid xray at security screening.

  • tobias

    wow. i can’t believe i fell for that. field test application and all. very, very well done. chapeu!

  • bryan

    oh its a joke. i get it