tfttf476 – Wake-up Call

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StopWarning, extended format today – you might want to walk an extra round with the dog, iron some more clothes or drive a few additional times around the block.

Chris reports on his recent US workshop tour, he’s be-mourning the crashed (and not backed up) hard drive in his MacBook Pro and Chris shares a few tips with you on how to avoid too much pain in case a hard disk dies (and they WILL die), the why-a-50mm-lens-on-a-crop-camera question makes a reappearance (and Chris has a lot to  tell about this too). Also: catching up on photo day questions that didn’t make it on the show, and the answer to the important question: how is digital ISO different from analog ISO?

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  • Aaron Campbell

    Really enjoyed the extra length in this episode, Chris!

  • Ajira

    Any chance of seeing that new russian 50mm lens you received, Chris ? :) It made me kind of curious

  • michael sutton

    Great show Chris, you have inspired me to start backing up properly. I have recently purchased a Mac Book Pro and have used Time Capsule since day one. I am now starting to use Genie Timeline on my PC, I have far to many photo’s to lose.

    Thanks again, fantastic Podcast.

    Michael Sutton
    Sydney Australia

  • Elie

    Hey Chris,

    After listening to this episode I wanted to point out something and perhaps offer a correction unless I understood you wrong.

    In answering the question about the 50mm lens on a cropped sensor. The perspective is more a factor of the angle of view versus the focal length. For instance, the 200mm equivalent on a Canon G9 (about 40mm), will give you the same perspective and compression as a 200mm on a 5D. The relation between the sensor size and the focal length will determine the angle of view – the angle of view will then determine perspective and the relation between objects in the background.