Everything you ever wanted to know about photography – but never dared ask: Photo Day 2009

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Photo Day 2009, live on the TWiT Network on July 15th!

Simple story: Leo Laporte hands Chris keys to TWiT Cottage. Chris sends shoutout into world of photography. Photographers from all kinds of fields show up to talk photography.

Date: Jul/15

Time: 11 AM to 5 PM (Pacific Time)

Location: » TWiT Live TV

Guests: John Chiara (the big camera), Catherine Hall (people photography), Frederick van Johnson (TWiP), Paul Giguere (Thoughts on Photography), Benoit Marchal (Déclencheur), Jon Miller (The Rest of Everest), Ron Pepper (Panorama Networks), John Arnold (Photowalkthrough).

» official schedule

  • http://www.chrisbartow.com/ Chris Bartow

    SOOO excited! If you can it would be nice if you did another What’s in my bag? like you were doing before the tricaster died last time.

    Maybe you can do one with one of the guests.

  • Patrick Jungbluth

    Will there be any way to see records of the show later? For the people in different Timezones?

  • http://www.topfloorproductions.de/ Chris

    I’ll try to get a hold of the video and re-post some of the best bits here on Tips from the Top Floor, but I can’t promise anything yet. I’ll do my best.

  • http://www.chrisbartow.com/ Chris Bartow

    Leo has been recording a separate version for things like YouTube recently, so maybe he can hook you up with those.

    They also may show up on http://www.odtv.me/ where the rest of the TWiT video shows go.

  • http://www.topfloorproductions.de/ Chris

    I’ve got the video of the whole day now. Will release the best bits on TFTTF over the next months to come.