Follow us REALLY LIVE! – Satellite Tracker

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And here’s another one – a live tracker that will update our position on this map every 30 seconds, so you can truly follow along. And no, you can’t zoom in on the satellite image and actually see us hike and wave up at you :)

Right now the tracker is with Jon in Colorado and it is switched off, which is why nothing is moving. You can expect the pin on the map to start moving when Jon is at Denver airport on May/1.

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  • Frank

    Which kind of device does Jon use to transmit the position?
    Anyway, Good Luck!

  • Chris

    It’s called Spot

  • NotAPro

    If it’s from Globalstar I recommend NOT relying on it for anything critical. Globalstar’s satellite network has been having serious, worsening problems over the last couple of years.