Last Chance – Win A Week With Your Dream Lens Contest Ends Today

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Win a week with your dream lensThe contest (click here for the rules and to participate) ends today, 11:59:59pm PST. If you want to win a week with your dreamlens, you better submit that picture!

If you want to take a look at the big choice of lenses, please check the web site of our contest sponsor

(You’ll have to be in the US to participate)

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  • Tim

    How about a little more time for the contest next time. Less than a week barley gives enough time to listen to the podcast.

  • Matt

    So who won!?

  • Tina

    So who won? I’m wondering who got this awesome contest!

  • Ravsitar

    The show is in my hands for release. I’ll release that after work today. Should be available by 6pm Central Time.


    surprise! (Last chance)