tfttf331 – Trek Preps – Lightroom

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The Everest Trek preparations are at full speed and Chris goes over his throughts on camera gear, batteries and hard disks at high elevations.

Modern DSLRs rely on noise reduction at high ISO levels. Lightroom’s noise reduction can’t hold a candle to DPP and Capture NX, or can it?

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8 thoughts on “tfttf331 – Trek Preps – Lightroom”

  1. @Goodspeed – Borrowlenses doesn’t ship lenses outside the US because they don’t have any control over the time lenses sit at customs, sometimes that can be weeks and that would render the service useless.

  2. You asked about bags to hold other stuff as well as camera gear. I just bought the DR-467 by Kata, it’s cheap holds an SLR and probably 4-5 lenses, a good bit of personal stuff and a laptop. The bag is about the size of a regular backpack so about half the space is for camera gear and the other is for personal stuff. It’s cheap, only $79 (there’s a 10 dollar rebate you can get but I don’t know if you can get that outside of the US) and B&H sells it with a free monopod. It’s not the most sturdy thing in the world but it’s small and free (only rated to 2.2 pounds).

  3. Chris,

    Concerning batteries and power… why take a generator? Then you have to carry gasoline, it may breakdown, it’s heavy, stinks, etc. Try and find a hand/foot powered generator. US Soldiers used them extensively in the early part of the 20th century to power radios, but now I’m seeing them resurface quite a bit in regards to natural disaster prep. Plus, it has the added benefit of keeping you warm while charging batteries!

    Love the show!

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