TFTTF on the iTunes Store home page

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TFTTF made it to the iTunes Store home page in both, Switzerland and Norway. Mind you, not the iTunes Store Podcast home page, but the top home page that has all the music and stuff on it.

Big YEY, thank you iTunes, and thank YOU all for keeping TFTTF up there by leaving reviews on the iTunes store!

Any other TFTTF sightings I’m not aware of? Leave a comment!

Update: Apparently this presence extends to more countries. In specific we’re right now up on the iTunes Store home pages in Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden, .. that’s a whopping 10 out of 62 countries!

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  • Daynah

    Many congrats to you Chris! You definitely deserve it. Thanks for all your photography tips!

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