tfttf291 video – Canyonlands Photo Adventure Part 6

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Watch Canyonlands
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Part 2 – “Oh Dear!”
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Part 4 – “Compressing the dynamic range”
Part 5 – “Shafer Trail”
Part 6 – “Shoot first, then look”

Join Chris again at his Canyonlands Photo Adventure and learn how to shoot close-ups without even looking through the viewfinder of your camera.

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  • Paul Walsh

    I had the pleasure of visiting many of the national parks in Utah earlier this year, including Canyonlands. So, your video podcast brings back memories. I remember walking along the area featured in this video scene. Some beautiful views.

  • thebigjar

    Love the video series, I enjoy both your serieses as well as Jon’s. So when is part seven going to be released?

    All the tips and information that you provide on here as well as the podcast are ver helpful and go along way to introducing new ideas on how to shoot new subjects.
    Thanks alot

    Billy (thbigjar)

  • http://none Rich Remmey

    My uncle was the head of all the national parks under the Kennedy Administration. I spent many hours touring with him in the late fifties and again in the early 70’s before his death. He was a wonderful man and truly loved this area. I was very fortuniate to have an inside track to this beloved section of our national parks.

    R.C. Remmey