tfttf260 video – Canyonlands Photo Adventure Part 1

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Watch Canyonlands
Part 1 – “Best smelling toilets in the world”
Part 2 – “Oh Dear!”
Part 3 – “17mm is just not wide enough”
Part 4 – “Compressing the dynamic range”
Part 5 – “Shafer Trail”
Part 6 – “Shoot first, then look”

Join Chris, Rebecca, and Jon Miller on part 1 of their adventure in the Canyonlands.

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  • Chef Mark

    Hi guys, great video, as always! I got so excited by Jon’s video setup, but couldn’t find anything on about the details. Could Jon please publish the details on the camera, and the accesories? Thanks.

    -Chef Mark

  • Dave

    Chris.. Wonderfull video.. and that is a truely amaazing place..

    I’m just getting into the D-SLR world from SLR -> PnS and now back to a good SLR..

    I was wondering, did you post your pics anywhere that you took there.. I’m trying to figure out what type of filters I want to get, and would love to see some of the shots with that ND Grad filter.. :)

    As always. Happy shooting

  • Danny Woellner

    Hi there,

    please let us see a little bit mor of takinging photos, of seeing things, angels, photo aquipment and so on.

    I Think, I have to go to the US to see the Canyons, but please let us see more.

    Thanks and bye