tfttf213 video – Concept Race Car 1 of 3

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Visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Let’s find out how to design a concept race car and how to photograph it.

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  • Gary

    Nice production. Quality is very good.

  • Dirk

    Yeah, many greetings to homeland…. hope we will see more from Mercedes Museum.

    A tip for visitors of the museum: go through the new car showroom to enter the museum faster as through the main gate and its waiting line

  • Tobias

    Incredibly cool opportunity for you Chris…I really like your podcast. I’m looking forward to seeing more insights and great shoots as well.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • esotericsean

    excellent episode, chris! i saw the pictures on flickr first and thought it was a full sized car!

  • Tom

    Great show! What ND grad filter are you using here? I am trying to decide which of the cokin ND grads to get (ND2, ND4 or ND8).

  • Orlando Airport Car Rental

    I like what you did here. It’s so professional-looking (nice opening and Grey Mini!). That orange model is something else! I want that orange Mercedes in the background while Mr. Bechtold was discussing the 3-D programs as far as aesthetics for a concept car. Brilliant video podcast. Are you considering going into production for a TV program like Top Gear? Reason being I think it would definitely be successful without a doubt. Great posts and since I bookmarked this, I plan on seeing all of the podcast files in your blog. Fantastic!

  • spoiler legendary collector cars

    Very cool, learned a lot and hope to be a fraction as good as you have done. Only an amature but have to start somewhere.